Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web design and web usability has a major role in its performance. Your idea might be a trend-setter and innovative one, remember that the web design is the driving force for its survival in this harsh competition of online retailers. If you have an Ecommerce store and you are worried if your website design is doing justice, we have some common mistakes in design which you need to check.

So, here are some of the most common Ecommerce designing mistakes which you need to avoid.

Slow Landing Page

As per it takes just 2 seconds for a website to load. If your website is taking more than 2 seconds, it is definitely not going to help you. Website load speed depends on a number of factors which include content of the page, the speed of internet and hosting server. However, amongst all these factors, web design is said to be a dominating factor. If your website takes a lot of time to load, it definitely needs some rework.

Not Responsive

Designers usually have a specific responsive design to follow. Today, more than 95% users are known to browse a website through mobiles. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, you might lose your potential customers. Responsive web design is a must for SEO.

Difficulty in Finding the Product

Remember that web visitors are always in a hurry. They will be annoyed if they have a tough time finding a product. If your visitors are not able to find the product of choice within 4 seconds, they will quickly move away. It is not just about the product name. You need to ensure that your customers are able to view product based on the model, make, color and size as a filter search.

Lengthy and Complicated Checkout Page

The checkout page of any Ecommerce website is extremely important.  It needs to be seamless as much as possible. If the checkout page is difficult to reach or has a complicated design, it will not be comfortable for your customers. As a rule of thumb, you need to ensure that it is a 3-step buying process. It needs to be about product selection, about the cart and also additional information.

Poor Image Quality – Less Image Details

Consider the quality of images in your website – HD images are always a good option. One good way is to have a professional photographer who will pick high-quality images. Several facts need to be considered here which includes background, photo editing aspects and lightning. All these make up more than 30% of an Ecommerce website. Besides this, it is recommended to have a magnifying feature in the product page. With this feature, your customers can view even tinier details quite easily. It will ensure that you have their interest in your products.

Unclear or Incomplete Product Descriptions

Buyers will never buy products until they know every detail about it. The product images and its descriptions are crucial for the success of any Ecommerce website. If the product description is complex or difficult to understand, it is definitely a bad design. It is recommended to have the product description divided into two sections – a long and a bulleted point part. Users can quickly glance through the description and gather information.

Difficult Navigation

The navigational aspect of a website is important, especially in case of Ecommerce stores. Each page of your Ecommerce store should be easy to understand. Many well-known websites have trend changing designs which assure seamless navigation.

Tough to Reach Support/Help

Design is of utmost importance, when it is about finding assistance or support. The customer should be able to reach the support or help section quickly. Many leading Ecommerce stores offer LIVE chat facility through a chatbox message. This acts as a good assurance for the customer that they can easily reach the support team whenever there is a dispute.

Complicated Registration Process

The form design is an essential component of website design. It needs to be created with an inviting look. The form needs to be easy to fill out. It should be easy to locate and fill. There should be minimum fuss in its filling. This is the only way to increase the registrations. If the registration process is complex and involves a number of steps, users might not be interested. However, it is also important to gather as much information possible from the users. Many leading websites allow registration through social media sites like Facebook, which definitely helps in better customer engagement.

Get your Ecommerce website designed by professionals who are experienced and aware of the latest trends. Enhancing user experience is necessary if you wish to ensure long-run success of your website. Talk to our team for more information.

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