Is It Time for A Website Revamp?

It is always good to have a fresh start! This is especially true in case of websites which tend to get outdated in terms of user-experience, content, design and functionalities. Undoubtedly, starting a fresh new website design does involve time, money and effort. So, how do you know, your website needs a revamp and you need to refresh it?

Look for some signs which reveal that it’s time to give your website a new look! Hire a designer and get it done in the best possible way.

Decreasing revenue

Are you worried about declining leads, sales or reducing revenue? If you find that your website is receiving traffic, but still there are no conversions, it means there is some problem. Your website might be missing something which is really critical and it is turning away your visitors. Declining leads is one of the major reasons why businesses choose to revamp their websites.

You are Not Happy with How Your Website Looks

When was your website designed?

Has it been a long time since you have updated your website? If yes, your website needs a revamp. Consumer preferences and tastes keep changing. If your website design is old and outdated, it is not going to impress the users. Remember, a website design is never really finished. You can always bring in general improvements in your website design. Go with the trends – remove all crumpled sections of a website. Incorporate more of white spaces which is now a trend and helps in improving readability.

Your site is not mobile friendly

It is the age of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets! People prefer to browse internet, book tickets, order food and purchase goodies online. It is known that 50% of website traffic now comes from different mobile devices. Google has changed its algorithm and rankings are based on mobile friendliness of a site. If your website is still not mobile friendly, you need to build one immediately. If you are not utilizing a mobile friendly design, you are already missing out a chunk of mobile traffic.

User-experience needs improvement

A successful website is one which pleases its users. If your users are not happy navigating or if they find navigation a lot complex, your website design needs a change. Even small tweaks can help in better engagement of your visitors and can improve their experience.

Web content updates seem difficult

Do you find updating your website quite tough? Is adding a blog post difficult with too many errors and crashes? It means that your website is on a platform which is problematic to work with. You need to consider building your website on another site which is easier.

There is a high bounce rate

Does your website have a high bounce rate? In case you are not aware, bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors, who choose to navigate away from a site, after they have viewed a single page. It also means that people are fast exiting your website. Google Analytics helps in finding the bounce rate. Businesses aim to have low bounce rates which implies that visitors find a website a lot valuable. If there is low bounce rate, there are a lot of opportunities to increase sales. Any effective web design helps in decreasing bounce rate and it increasing conversions.

Slow website

Nothing can harm your business as much as a ‘slow loading’. If you have received complaints that your website is loading slow on certain browsers or devices, you shouldn’t ignore it. The problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. A user takes just three seconds to click away to another site – you need to impress your visitor within these three seconds only. If these precious three seconds are spent waiting for the website to load, it is not going to help your business. You will miss many opportunities due to such a slow loading website.

Not impressive website design

Yes, this can be a reason for losing visitors! It is a highly competitive world where every business is competing with one another. You have to ensure that your website is different from all others. You might be offering the same type of products and services like all other businesses around you but you need to stand out. Why would people choose to hire your services or buy your products? You need to give them a reason to choose your business. Instead of ignoring your website design, you need to give it a new look. Follow the trends and help your business stand out from all others.

These were some of the many signs which suggest that your website needs a quick revamp. It should be done as soon as possible and only by experts.

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