Web Design Trends That Will be More Popular in The Next Decade

If you are a smart observer of websites, especially the popular ones, you will notice that website designs are changing fast. If you had checked any website designed in 1999 you will have a completely different experience, when you compare it to one which is designed in 2019. Definitely, modernism is the key along with added functionalities.

If you check some of the websites which are designed now, you will come across designs, which we are quite actually used to right now. Many of these designs are a fallout of client requirements or user requirements such as mobile responsiveness. But there are some trends which are becoming quite popular in website designing. These are expected to remain so in the next decade.

There are many web designs trends that have become extremely popular.

For instance, chatbots are considered to be a must in designing.

How Chatbots are Trending

People are now getting used to chatbots on websites. The growing trends of chatbots is now getting infused with artificial intelligence in the next few years. Chatbots are used as a part of providing customer support. All new websites are now having chatbots and are expected to be a part of future websites as well.

Micro-Interactions – In case you are not aware, here is all about micro interactions. As you quickly move from an open tab in the web browser to one more tab and the open tab has a unique moving function, which helps it to stand out from rest of the tabs, it is known as micro-interaction. These are subtle in nature but are still noticeable. They bring in smartness through different elements of the website and provide an opportunity for the visitors to interact.

Increasing Use of Emojis

Brands are no longer hesitant in using emojis on their official websites. Though several brands are still not using emojis, there are many brands which usually deal on trivial topics use emojis from social media websites.

Large and Experimental Navigation

Navigation trends keep changing every year. The reason is simple – this is perhaps one of the toughest sections or elements of the page to design. It is important to ensure that it is easy to navigate, it is aesthetically appealing and functional as well. There is a recent trend which reveals a large navigation. It is expected that the trend will continue as experiments with navigation are continuing.

Use of Bold Videos

Videos are now an integral part of websites. However, includes videos on the website isn’t considered to be something special. Bold videos are helpful in retaining the attention of the customers. They also help in creating human interaction which is quite essential in the present times when people are known to have short spans of attention.

Monochromatic and No Colors

It’s certainly quite cool to have a number of colours just at fingertips but web designers are trying something new which is being well accepted as well. One color or no color is now trending. If it is done in the right way any kind of design constraint can help in enhancing a design and making it memorable. These days several websites stick to monochromatic color schemes with just one color. There are many advantages of limiting a website to just a single color. It helps in solidifying a branding and also helps in adding constraints in the design flexibility. Since most websites have more than two colors, having a website with only two colors will help it to stand out from the rest.

Enhanced Image Treatments

Images have helped in presenting unique designing opportunities. Designers are using different techniques to grab the attention of the visitors. Images are often placed within circles, they are made in black and wide, a shadow or a drop is often added behind them – these different techniques have always helped designers in enhancing images and drawing attention towards them.

Introducing Diversity

These days companies are becoming quite inclusive. They are happily showing different cultures and how people are contributing to their success. Many people believe adding diversity is a strategy to bring in more people to the website. With more and more brands taking steps to hire people in various positions, it comes as no surprise, when you find more team pages which display people of different culture and ethnicity. These days many companies and websites are now showing interest in how the content is displayed on the website and the culture they are catering to.

With the introduction of newer techniques and technologies, movements are continuous on scene. Web designing is fast changing and things are expected to be completely different in the next few years. Designers need to continuous learn and improvise, keeping in mind various functions and trends prevailing in the industry.

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