Why Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

Several online companies often have a common problem – though they get the necessary traffic or visitors, yet conversions are little or insignificant. In spite of all the efforts, conversions remain constant low.

So, what could be the reason?

Though there might be many reasons, the design of the website is often found to be a cause for poor conversions. There might be a few mistakes in the design which is not user-friendly and doesn’t appeal to the visitors. Understanding such problem areas can help in getting rid of the problem.

Website designing has changed a lot over the years, but the designing principles have always remained the same. If you are a web designer and you are building a website, you need to stay away from a few designing mistakes.

1) The Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Today, nothing is as significant as having a mobile friendly website. Visitors viewing your site might be using smartphones, desktops, PS4s and iPads and it is vital that they are able to view it appropriately. Responsive website helps in making it user-friendly and helps in bringing repeated traffic.

2) Your Website Doesn't Reveal What Your Company Does

When you are getting a website built for a company, remember it should help the user understand right away what the company does and why the user should select the company. As a visitor comes to your website and cannot understand what products are on offer or what the services are about the visitor will quickly leave. Thus, it is important to ensure that the products and services offer a clear view of its purpose and objects. Besides, there should be a few elements which shall be able to build confidence in the minds of the users. These elements can be mention of the awards, testimonials and also industry affiliates.

3) Problematic Layout

Whenever you design a website, it needs to be functional and useful for the users. This is especially vital, when they are purchasing a product, availing a service or signing to a newsletter. If the layout is clumsy, there is not much information, the layout is complex, it is overloaded with images and advertisements, it is not going to be a smooth experience for your users. If the website has a confusing layout, it is likely that the user will get stuck in a network of pages or links. Your user might never come back. Websites which often face problems relating to retention of visitors have been found to have a confusing layout which frustrates the visitors. If a website doesn’t offer them different elements which they are looking for, they will certainly look for one more option.

4) Problems with Font Style, Colour and Size

Think of a situation when your user is not able to read the text of a blog or see the main navigation menus – it is certainly going to be a problematic situation. It is important to select fonts and colours which offer maximum readability. If a mobile user finds that the font doesn’t auto adjust and the formatting is difficult to comprehend, you are going to lose your visitors. You need to be kind to your visitors. Remember to use the font colours cautiously so that they do not cause strain to the eyes. If background colour is harsh or loud, your visitors get demotivated and you will not be able to read the content easily.

5) Call to Action Missing

This can be disastrous for any website. There are many websites which have lots of traffic but they still fail to meet their objectives (sales or subscription, or signing up for a free trial), it is possible that your website is not able to guide the users properly. One good way to achieve this is by helping your visitors through the Call to Action Button. Your website must be completely clear about what needs to be done and how they can get in touch with you.

6) Your Content is Outdated and Old

How does it feel when you visit a website and find an outdated news section, outdated articles or nothing new? Why would your visitors come back to your website when you have nothing new to offer them?

No one is happy to interact with a website which doesn’t offer them things which they are looking forward to. People need updated and fresh content. Ensure your website has fresh content which is relevant and uses the right keyword. If it is an e-commerce store, you need to update it with products. If it is a blog page, you need to publish a blog on regular intervals.

7) Your Site Doesn’t Have Analytics for Performance Measurement

This can be a major mistake if you are looking at important data behind the use of your website. It is known that ¾ of small businesses have no analytics tools which help in tracking performance of their website. You have to consider your website as an investment. In order to keep this investment protected, you need to continually analyse and measure its success. If your website doesn’t use Google analytics you will have no information about user behaviour or know how to track conversion and goals.

The above were some of the most common mistakes which you need to avoid for the success of your business and ensure conversions.

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