Why is User Experience Important in Case of Corporate Web Design?

User experience or UX as it is often referred to as, is all about how a person feels like when interacting with a website.

As you create an excellent website, which is according to the needs of your business, you need to create an online portal which is pleasing aesthetically, it is informative and is easy to navigate. In case, your website misses out any component, it is possible that you lose out clientele and fail to boost your conversion rates. This is one of the main reasons, why considering user experience is considered to be of prime importance.

Your corporate website is the showcase of your business - it is often said to be the face of your business! As your customers visit your website, they instantly form an impression/opinion about your company or business from their navigation or even the look and feel of your website. Indeed, user experience or UX does matter in the success of your online business.

User experience in any corporate design is about a number of factors. Many of these factors are controllable by the developers and designers, while others depend on environmental factors and user preferences. User experience depends on factors like design aesthetics, human interaction, accessibility, usability, performance and also marketing.

So, what is UX?

You need to consider UX as the ergonomics of the website. If a website is designed keeping user involvement in mind, you will be able to create a space which is convenient for readers to access, to understand and also navigate. Thus, it is a way to ensure your website is different from that of your competitors who are no way bothered about UX as you are. Thus, it helps in increasing your customer base and traffic.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that UX is not same as usability though these are closely related.

Why is User Experience Important

If we consider the designing aspects, user experience is said to be as important as a visual identity. Thus, it doesn’t actually matter how your website looks like, if your visitors do not have a good scope to interact. That’s not all, as a business owner, you need to definitely love this interaction.

UX is quite important for your website, especially if it is a complex site or one which is about a start-up site, online or retail sales, budget projects or even sites which need to last for a long time.

In case of complex websites or for instance in case of an ecommerce store, user experience is important because users need to navigate through the website and also understand about how to use the website. If UX is neglected, your website users will start to think how to navigate. No one likes to think too much to achieve something. Especially when website visitors have short attention span. Users might just exit your website and move on to your competitors. Thus, developing a website which offers an interaction rich experience and one which drives users back to the website is something not to overlook.

Designing a Corporate Website Keeping in Mind User Experience

If you hire an experienced corporate web design company, rolling out a smart user-friendly website isn’t difficult at all. It will take a bit of additional planning. First and foremost, the designer starts thinking about designing through a different approach. It needs to be understood that for a website to be successful online or to draw traffic, it has to stand out from all others, and most importantly, understand user's behaviour. Incorporating the relevant principles of visual hierarchy is of prime importance and it helps in boosting user experience.

Are you trying to figure out how to create a website that maximises user experience?

Fortunately, rolling out a UX-friendly web design isn’t hard, it just takes a little extra planning. The first thing you need to do is change the way you approach designing your webpage. Understand that it’s not all about looks, and that there’s a bit of science behind what makes a good webpage as well. This is why incorporating some principles of visual hierarchy is necessary for boosting user experience.

Here are some design tips which not just optimises the website but also makes it user-friendly.

  • Structured Site – Develop a structure for your website and stick to it. Include information on the various goods and services offered and stick to it. You shouldn’t go on an off beaten path.
  • Mobile Responsive – Today, we all access websites as we move. Having your website optimised for mobile devices will help in bringing more traffic and improve user experience.

Surveying is Important

If you have created a website which meets the needs of any average user, you need to give your website a trial run. You need to help your visitors access different versions of the website. As you get comfortable and you are able to navigate the links, read the content and carry out a survey. You need to find what your clients liked about your website and what they did not. Optimize Google is a great tool to perform A/B tests on your website's layout to understand which layout is converting more users.

Last, but not the least, you need to have a website that works for you and which is according to your unique needs. If you do a bit of research, planning and creativity, you will be able to create a design which attracts customers and increases your conversion rate as well.

At Swift DevLabs, all our web designs is properly planned out for the best user experience for your website visitors, which converts your visitors to potential customers. Talk to our sales team to understand how we can do that for you.

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