7 Reasons To Get Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is an approach where the designer creates a web page which can 'respond to' or can easily resize itself, depending on the kind of device it is seen on. This can be a computer monitor, it can be a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

Today, having a responsive website is a necessity for any business which has a strong digital presence. With the increasing use of mobile computing devices, tablets and smart phones, increasing number of people are now using smaller screens to check out websites. Thus, having a responsive web design is crucial for any business - it's the way to retain viewers and draw in additional mobile traffic.

The main objective of having a responsive web design is to ensure optimal visitor experience. This designing helps the site in several ways - the site loads quickly and without any distortion. Users no longer have to resize anything manually to have a comfortable view of the content.

7 Reasons Why You Need Responsive Web Design

1. Increasing Mobile Traffic

Recent research reveals that in the present times 65% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, businesses who wish to leverage the potential of online world need to have their website, which renders seamlessly on the small screen. The main benefit is that viewer’s satisfaction is guaranteed as they do not have to deal with distorted images any more. No more manual adjustments of the screen to have a better view of the product. Responsive web designs have taken the world by storm - it’s the great versatility and easy maintenance which is the main reason behind its huge popularity.

2. Cost-Effective Faster Development

It takes little time to develop a responsive website. The time take is lesser than that needed for a stand-alone mobile application. Designing a responsive web designs causes less strain on finances than the different alternative options which are available in market. Experts believe that even when the cost of building a mobile friendly website is high, you can actually save plenty of money in the long-run. The maintenance and configuration costs are lesser when compared to other websites.

3. Search Engine Advantages

In 2015, Google updated its algorithm in which additional preference was given to responsive web design. So, why would Google prefer a responsive web design? It needs to be understood here that Google loves all those who love their audience. Responsive web design helps in improving user experience. Through a clean and a user-friendly layout, visitors will not face any navigation issues.

With a responsive design, there is just a single URL. It is easy to update this. Optimisation can also be done whenever there is a requirement. Besides this, the loading time of any responsive website is lesser than traditional websites. The browser wastes no time in redirecting users towards the mobile version.

4. Improved Sales and Better Conversion Rate

It is your goal to improve the buyer's journey, increase the sales and also the conversion rate. With a responsive web design you will be able to remove a number of barriers, which often cause problems in case of different websites. A responsive web design helps in improving performance with an improvement in the look and feel of the website. Such a website looks modern, clean and helps in developing a trust amongst the target customers. The target audience also enjoys a smart brand experience which is what the audience usually looks for in any website.

5. Less Time on Site Management and Maintenance

Managing a website is an important part on an online business. With responsive web design, it’s quite easy to manage and maintain a single website. There are lesser issues faced during management and maintenance of the website.

6. Off-Line Browsing Experience Improves

A responsive web design helps site owners deliver improved content to the target audience in any location and using any device. Off-line browsing capabilities of such websites are unparalleled. It is believed that with the ever increasing use of smartphones, the popularity of responsive websites will increase. It’s easy to go through content, newsletters, drafts and even emails while travelling which is one of the main reasons for the immense popularity of the websites.

7. Analytics and Reporting Made Easier

A single responsive website implies that you do not need to track user journeys, funnels, conversion paths and also redirection between different sites individually. Google Analytics can be optimised which helps in handling multiple devices and ensures quick reporting. All analytics and tracking tools continue to work seamlessly in this single website. There will be no problem in the handling of multiple devices and also quick reporting.

Hiring web designers’ expert in responsive web design is a great option for businesses who wish to make the most of the latest technology!

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