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What is DevOps

DevOps refers to a number of practices which automate processes between IT teams and software development. These are a combination of various tools, practices and philosophy which help in increasing the organization’s ability to deliver services and applications at quite a high velocity. This specific concept of DevOps is based on the culture of collaboration between two teams. Benefits are plenty which include quicker software releases, increased trust, critical issues solving quickly and better management of work.


A developer refers to a person who is involved with different facets of software development process. In any web development company, the work of a developer includes research, designing, programming and also software testing of computer software.

Job Role of Software Developers:

In any web development company, developers are engaged in different phases of software development lifecycle. These stages include gathering and also analysing of business system requirements, responding to various kinds of outages and also creating various application system models. A developer usually participates in various designing related meetings. The individual often consults clients to refine, to test and also debug programs which helps in meeting business requirements. They also interact with third party partners so that various technology and business initiatives are met.

Job Responsibilities Includes:

  • Introduction of clean and efficient code which is based on different specifications.
  • Testing and deploying systems and programs
  • Fixing software
  • Improving existing software


Operations involve a number of processes which include planning, organising, management, controlling and also supervising the processes of production and manufacturing. The operation manager is in-charge of the total operations process. The responsibility of the operation manager is to ensure timely delivery of products and successfully transforming raw materials in finished products. In any organisation, operation management plays a significant role.

Developers vs Operations

DevOps is an important part of IT development or a web development company and the operations. It is important that both the departments work in great coordination and closely so that the common goals of the company are achieved. However, in many large organisations, the two departments often pull against each other. In case of any problem, the development side often blames the operations side.

When development and operations join hands, it is known that the organization benefits in many ways with technical and business advantages. However, in reality, their approaches and job priorities are quite different in nature. Development is mainly about the production of new applications and systems, ensuring that users enjoy speed. Operations have a completely different focus as they aim to ensure that users have a bug free system. However, both the departments have the objective of making customers happy and satisfied. However, to achieve this, both the departments in a web development company have a totally different operation which often leads to clashes within the system

DevOps to the rescue

DevOps play a role in bringing together the two departments. It is actually quite like a seismic shift from the IT culture – a shift through which developers and operations get together to reach their common goals. In such a situation, it is required that both departments understand the common objectives and agendas of the parties. The aim is to work together for the common interest of the organization.

DevOps is now focused on bringing together operations and software development together and build in the right cultural environment. A number of strategies are undertaken for the purpose which helps in bringing together both the teams for the success of the organization.

  • Understanding the perspective of the teams. Understanding the goals and also frustrations of the developers and operation specialists.
  • It is important to start small. If small changes are a success then bigger changes can be easily implemented.
  • It is important to experiment and then innovate.

Software Automation Testing

Software automation testing is a unique process which uses an application for implementing the total life cycle of software in a short time. It is a way to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the software. Automation is a technique through which the tester usually scripts and also utilises relevant software for the purpose of testing the software. It is actually an automated process of any manual procedure. In case of automation testing, the application is tested from loading, performance aspects and stress point. In case of automation testing different automation tools are used for writing and also executing test cases. There is no manual involvement for executing a test suite.

It is rightly put down by the experts that “Customers in every industry have zero tolerance for bad software, so delivering good software quickly is everyone's job, not just developers. DevOps eliminates silos between dev and ops using practices, like smaller, much more frequent releases and blameless postmortems, in combination with tools, like automation, which empower transparent communication and cooperation 'across the aisle.'

Lastly, the goal is to improve productivity, increase the speed of different processes and bring in smooth functioning of the organization.

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