Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2019

Let’s have a look at the prevailing trends of the current year!

Mobile First

Mobile-first indexing was introduced by Google in 2018. According to this, content and links from mobile website pages are prioritized by Google. This year, designers are considering this and giving immense priority to mobile version of webpages. Besides this, it was also known that SEO is no longer the only deciding factor or something which dictates the priority given to a web design by search engines.

As per the latest statistics, 50% of global traffic is now coming through mobile devices – these include smartphones and tablets. Since the number of mobile users are on the rise and they are known to have a preference for excellent search experience and good visuals - these factors too, need to be taken into account when designing a website.


Web surfers are impatient, their attention span is said to be just three seconds. If any website doesn’t load within 3-4 seconds, the visitor starts losing interest and quickly clicks away to the next website. Yes – just 3 seconds! That is all any web visitor takes to decide whether to stay on a website or leave. This is where website design plays a crucial role – the website design has just three seconds to convince or capture the attention of the visitor.

However, the fact is that even after having a fantastic design and great content, some websites do not perform well. One reason is the loading speed of the website. It is known that 50% users prefer websites which load within three or lesser seconds. Besides this, Google announced Speed Update Algorithm in July 2018. Considering this, website designers need to make efforts to reduce the page loading time of the website, which helps in increasing their search engine ranking. Thus, ‘speed’ is one of the prevailing trends, which website designers need to consider in 2019.


Minimalism and simplicity go hand in hand! In 2019, web designers are considering simplicity in their designers. Designers are now seriously considering the principle of ‘less is more’. This means that designers are now considering less interface design.

So, a question often arises, why is simplicity the trend of 2019. Experts believe that people have very little time in hand. Our modern lifestyle is dynamic and fast. People actually do not have so much time to process information or understand the complexities of a website design. No one has the patience or time to go through complex design elements. A simple and good design actually helps the visitor to get the much-needed information, within very little time. If there are too many elements in the website, information processing takes time. Thus, fewer elements are now considered by website designers.

Responsive Design

With the increasing use of mobile devices, desktops, TVs and wearables, responsive designing has become a trend in 2019.

Long back in 2010, Google had highlighted the importance and need for mobile-responsive websites to meet the requirements of the users. Since the number of mobile users have increased, Google has announced a big change in its algorithm, which prioritizes responsive web designs. These websites are meant to enhance the online experience of users.

More Videos

Visitors love videos! Videos are preferred by audiences who have very little time in hand or who do not prefer to go through the diverse content of a website. Video content is easily understood and shared a lot more than text. Since most people spend hours every day on the social media, the popularity of viral content, which are mostly videos are on the rise. Thus, the scope of content getting viral, which improves the rankings of a website is also higher in case of video content.

Google too is now prioritizing mixed search results pages. This means, video content is also being featured in the search results along with the standard web pages. Thus, websites are now prioritizing video production so that the website is made search engine friendly. Web designers need to consider integrating videos in their web design.
Web design trends have always been a hot topic for the designers all over the world. Following the trends, designers can capitalize their strength and create unforgettable and unique websites. These websites can be analyzed easily and understood better!

Keep a watch on the trending designs of 2019.

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