Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Any kind of website design, whether it is for a large or a small business, follow a set of design principles which remain the same. Web designing trends keep changing according to the latest innovation and customer search preferences. Designers need to keep in mind several facts when planning the design of a website.

Here are some of the most common web design mistakes which need to be avoided.

Mobile Friendliness

A mobile friendly design is now a necessity – this is something which was not thought about some years back. But with the increasing use of mobiles, businesses are now looking forward to mobile friendly designs, to meet the visitor search preferences. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are going to miss out a huge chunk of traffic.

No Analytics

Many businesses still do not use analytics tools for tracking the website performance. You need to consider your website as an investment. To ensure the growth and optimum performance of your website, you need to continuously measure and analyze the progress of its success. One of the many benefits of online marketing is the ability to track, test and adjust the performance of a website. This is done mainly through Google Analytics. The tool provides plenty of information related to user behavior and helps in setting up goals for tracking conversion.

Font Size and Readability

Often websites have font size too small which is certainly not reader-friendly. If you are found squinting for reading text, it is something which your visitors are not going to appreciate. A common website flaw is that a text is complex to read. Ideally body text needs to be 14px so that it is compatible and reader friendly. The font size should be such that readers from all devices are able to read with ease.

Website is Confusing

Does your website mention right away what your company does and why your visitor should choose you?

If your answer is No, then your website is confusing. As your page loads, your visitor gets just a few seconds to form an opinion. Research states that 46% visitors move away from a website which confuses them or a website which doesn’t mention what the company does. A good web design has the products and services listed in a clear way, with details like industry affiliates, awards and testimonials.

Content is Not Updated

No one likes outdated or stale content. If the content of a website is not updated, repeat customers will not find any thing new. Offering fresh, unique, and informative content helps to bring in new as well as repeat customers. Topics should not just provide useful information but should be able to engage the readers. Quality content and regularly updated content is considered to be a necessary SEO practice.

Including a blog which is regularly updated helps in sharing articles and also industry trends. You need to provide your potential customers with value, trust and gain, which will help in building your brand.

Social Media Icons at the Wrong Place

Absence of social media icons or their presence in the wrong place can be quite harmful for your business. This is quite a common problem for different websites. Placing the social media buttons in the wrong place can cause distraction. If your visitors click the icon and leave your website, they will fall into a scrolling spree and will never return. The social media button needs to be on the side. They can be in the middle or the bottom but it is never recommended to have them right at the top.

No Call to Action

Missing the important element of call to action is certainly a big mistake which is quite common, especially in small business. As per good practice, a good website should tell a customer where, how and what to do next. A call to action helps visitors to know about their next step or what they should do. If there is no call to action, your visitors will find it tough to get in touch with you, whether it is for buying a product or for any enquiry.

No Contact Information

The end goal of a visitor who is interested in your products or services is to get in touch with you. They will look forward to your phone number, your address or any other way to hire your services. In case they are not able to find the contact details, a contact form, email or any other way to get in touch with you, it is an opportunity lost.

Last, but not the least, any website should be designed after considering the consumer trends or search preferences. Your website should be able to connect with your customers and its design plays a significant role in the entire process.

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