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One of the many challenges faced by businesses is keeping their website secure from malicious attacks or software. There are millions of websites which are infected with malware at some time or the other. It is known that an average website gets attacked several times in a day. If there is a security breach, it can cause immense damage to your business and reputation as well. Hackers can steal your business data and even the data which belongs to the customers. It can completely ruin the goodwill of the company and lead to legal issues as well.

Considering the need for security and the dangers of damage due to security breaches, WordPress offers several Plugins which helps in protecting the website.

Jetpack Security

This is a complete security solution for your website. It is being used by more than 5 million users all over the world.

  • It offers 1 click restore
  • Site backups in case of crash
  • Alerts through an email if the website is down
  • Keeps the site protected from malware, spam and login attacks
  • It includes automated marketing tools and website design features
  • Offers secure authentication through WordPress accounts


This is one of the most popular FREE WordPress security plugins that are available. This is an all-in-one security platform.

  • It will clean your WordPress site without extra costs, if there is any malware.
  • Its firewall protection shall help in blocking brute force and will stop malicious attack from getting into your site.
  • Malware scanning is done
  • Reduces server load time. It helps in improving performance of the website as it blocks malicious traffic
  • It keeps the site protected from all kinds of known attacks.

iThemes Security Pro

All the tools offered by the security plugin has an easy-to use interface and offers effective security protection.

  • It provides two factor authentication which means additional layer of security
  • There is powerful password enforcement
  • It locks any kind of suspicious IP
  • It provides 404 detection and also plugin scans
  • It schedules WordPress backups
  • Alerts by email about any recent file update which might be malicious

All In One WP Security & Firewall

This is an easy and Free WP Security & Firewall which is perfect for small business portals as well. The tool can be easily used by beginners.

  • It helps in scanning malicious patterns
  • It offers login lockdowns after login attempts fails
  • It provides IP filtering so that specific people and specific geographical locations can be blocked
  • It provides account monitoring
  • It offers a password strength tool which helps in generating strong passwords.
  • Allows the users to manually blacklist IP addresses which seem to be suspicious


This is another free plugin which is available with a few security features which help in keeping your WordPress site protected.

  • It can be used on as many sites as needed
  • It helps in tracking breached password usage. It also alerts about password breaches and prompts to create a new password.
  • It monitors hack attempts and visits in real time which includes tracking IP address, time spent and time of day.
  • It protects from failed login attempts – the user is quickly notified about login attempts along with the location.

Google Authenticator

This plugin helps in setting up a two factor authentication. This provides additional security so that the website is secure.

  • It has an easy interface
  • It allows the use to select two factor authentication
  • It provides additional layer of security

BulletProof Security

With this plugin, users have many basic security features which are completely free.

  • It can be setup in a few steps with its setup wizard.
  • It offers login protection
  • It provides malware scanning and firewalls
  • It logs out idle session which helps in saving data charges as well.
  • It sends emails with all security logs if the users is locked out due to failed attempts of login

Astra Web Security

The dashboard is available with several buttons with innumerable functionalities

  • When using this plugin, there is no requirement to change the DNS settings
  • It offers quick malware cleanup.
  • It offers protection from bad bots, Brute force, SEO spam and many other cyber-attacks. It provides total security audit which includes business error logic for the WordPress website.

Shield Security

Shield security starts protection by scanning and protecting the site as soon as it is activated. The options are all documented in case the user feels the needs to check the status.

  • This is a free plugin
  • The Shield Pro is available for a small price.
  • The Pro version offers additional scans, it runs more often, it offers larger audit trails, it also helps in traffic monitoring and more.
  • It offers smart protection to the website.
  • If you are a WordPress site owner, you no longer have to worry about security breaches and need for additional security. Simply download the plugin and get your site protected from malware and other damages.
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