Inspiring Web Design Ideas for Successful Web Designs

Though you are bubbling out designing ideas all the time, it might happen, that when you need a great website design idea, things might great tough. You might not just be getting your creative juices flowing and you feel stuck and frustrated. In case, you are going through such a phase, you are reading the right post. Here are some actionable ways which can help you in getting out of designer's block, when you find that ideas are not just flowing.

So, here are some quick and effective web design tips and ideas, which will help you come up with some excellent ideas. These tips will definitely help you to improve from what you are actually working on.

Using Pinterest Mood Board

Pinterest is quite an interesting tool which can help in creating mood boards. All you need to do is collect the relevant visual material which you believe can be helpful for your project. These can be in the form of layouts, colours, images or even existing websites. This mood board will be quite like a central hub and will work as a design inspiration. You will also be able to quickly share it with your collaborators or clients. Thus, they can contribute their own material as well.

Step by Step Plan

Often a website design fails because people haven't yet dealt with the fundamentals. Planning for a website design involves defining of the goals which helps in understanding what the site is planning to achieve. It is also necessary to sketch the buyer's journey to understand what the road visitors are planning to take. A style guide is quite helpful in such a situation as it helps a person in maintaining consistency with design. It helps in designing, colours, fonts and different designing elements. Planning for SEO is also critical. Creating a website map helps in understanding the structure of the site for search engines and visitors.

Consider the Structure

Just as planning for your website is important, you need to think about the structure of your website as well. You need to stick to essentials when you are preparing a structure for the website.

Take into Account the Web Standard

All designers are creative and that what makes them different. If you are hiring a designer to create a website, you shouldn't set boundaries or you will be limiting the creativity. If you are designing, do not limit your creativity. There are a few design elements which need to be incorporated and you need to take these into account. Many designers feel that breaking the rules too much might confuse the audience and can even turn them off. If you do not wish to experiment much, you need to stick to the established standards to be on the safe side.

So, what are some of these existing standards which shouldn't be compromised? These include consistency in branding, navigation across the top section of the screen, the header with the search option, social media icons right in the footer and also website logo in the top left section.

Minimalism is The Way

Once you are aware of the objectives of your site and its page, you can easily get rid of anything which doesn’t serve the person. Thus, your design looks a lot pleasant. Also, it is known that any kind of visual complexity can be negatively correlated. It can be said that people do not wish to be overwhelmed. Simplifying the design is good option.

Get Started with Mobile

We no longer need to be told about the contribution of mobile devices and how they have taken our world by storm. These days, people surf the web, a lot more on hand-held devices, which means websites should be mobile friendly. Besides this, Google announced its new mobile-first index. This means that search engines will now judge each website on their mobile. If the website isn’t mobile friendly, it is going to affect its search engine rankings in a big way.

Thus, website designers need to concentrate on certain design essentials to ensure that the websites are mobile friendly. Elements are often added or changed to ensure that the screen size changes with the device on which it is viewed.

Content Formatting is Important

Content formatting is an important tool but is quite often underestimated. Content might be in the form of articles, blog post or even sales copy. It is actually what you wish your consumers to read. The purpose of the design should be to present it in the most user-friendly way. It is important that the content is presented in a way which makes it easy to read and understand. Here are a few facts worth considering:

  • Headings should be included, which can help in breaking up the content and organizing it in a better way.
  • Paragraphs and lists can be used. Paragraphs help in dividing the content into easy to read chunks.
  • Visuals should be an integral part
  • Fonts should be optimised for better legibility

These were just a few of the many interesting web design ideas which can help your website to succeed.

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