Key Steps to Design An Ecommerce Website

Today, Ecommerce business is said to be the most lucrative and profitable industries. If you need to ensure the success of your store, you need to have a professionally designed website. The customers should find the navigation easy; the products should be easy to find and the buying process needs to be simple. If you are sure of all these factors, you can be assured that you are not going to lose some valuable customers.

So, no matter what product you are trying to sell or which demographic you are targeting, your website design should fulfil a few requirements, which will help in the growth and success of your e-commerce store.

Here are a few essential steps which need to be adhered to when designing an ecommerce website:

Ecommerce Design

The design of an eCommerce site is usually different from any other website. An eCommerce website is your store through which you wish to sell your products. Thus, it needs to have adequate details of each products and your services. A webpage needs to have images, detailed descriptions, user comments, prices and ratings. These should all be included in the website and guiding your buyers. The webpage needs to be attractive as it not just acts as a sales window but it also represents your brand to the online buyers.

Easy to Navigate Menus

These are usually the top-level categories. The main menus hold the other sub-categories of products. Thus, when your store is selling women’s and men’s clothing, one of your many categories might be ‘Shirts’. Thus, when any user clicks on this category, the user will be directed to a page which has specific varieties of shirts. These might include ‘women’s shirts’, ‘men’s shirts’ or even ‘children’s shirts’. Thus, when the user is looking for shirts, the navigation menu is going to make it easy and quick.

Search Function

Whenever any use visits an ecommerce store, he/she has a product in mind. There are many customers who look for such specific products only. Thus, the advanced search function is a crucial part of any ecommerce store. With such a search option, users can look for what they want right away. Though it takes a bit of testing and time to create a search function, once it is functional, it makes a smart addition to your website.

Clarity in Labelling

Labelling is important because it helps a customer in finding what they are looking for. Labelling should be clear and in just a few words to avoid any kind of confusion. Products should have a title and brief information, with a unique title. Thus, labelling helps a customer in finding that specific product in a few seconds.

Highlighting Products

Once customers are able to find the specific product, you need to ensure that the product sells well. Thus, the title of the product should be unique, brief and informative. Besides this, the product should be showcased on an individual page. The page should include some high-resolution images of each product. It should also offer a unique description. It is good to have a unique description, preferably using bullet points explaining some unique qualities of the product. Most important, the price should be separately and clearly mentioned.

With all such organised and specific information, your customers should have a clear idea about what they are going to purchase. Besides, it is easier for buyers to make a comparison against one another. Thus, if selling your products is your main purpose, you need to ensure that you are providing your customers, much-needed information, about each product.

Purchasing Multiple Items

Remember, every shopper who visits your website might not just purchase a single item and move away. There are buyers who will buy several products. This is why it is necessary to have a functional cart feature. Carts are helpful as customers can collect different items from the website which they intend to purchase. Carts allow customers to add and also remove products. Before making the payment, customers can have a look at all the products and check their purchases and how much they are paying.

Often a customer abandons the cart and moves away. In that case, your website can send an automatic email to the user. Such a mail acts as a reminder, informs the customer about price reduction and more. When such a mail is sent to the customer, it helps in increasing sales and builds a good rapport with the customer. Often, the customer returns to the online store to build an online product.

Last, but not the least, you need to ensure that your customers feel safe. Ensure your website is secured and identity of your customers are kept safe. If your customers do not feel safe, they will never buy products from you.

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