Why Homepage Design Matters

Every website design have a main landing page of the domain. We call this the homepage. The homepage of your website introduces your brand. It includes important elements, which help new as well as existing customers navigate through the website and find the information they need. Thus, businesses put in special effort when they have the homepage of the business designed.

The designer is explained every detail regarding the objective of the business, target audience and the unique selling point. The web designer works towards putting up the best design, so that the first impression is strong and encourages action. The goal of the homepage might be anything – to capture email subscribers or to sell products, the design is crucial.

Homepage Designing – Why You Shouldn’t Copy Another Design

You might simply love another homepage design and wish your website too had something similar. But remember, a homepage might work just perfectly for a business, but it might not be the best one for you. While designing a homepage, a few questions need to be answered, so that you the homepage serves the needs of your business perfectly.

When visitors land on a specific homepage, they might know what they want but at times, they are not quite sure. The homepage design needs to be user-friendly, simple and offer every kind of assistance to the visitor. The main objective of the homepage design should be to ensure that the visitor finds the navigation convenient and reaches the information quickly. However, this needs to be in alignment to the primary goals of the business.

The First Impression Matters

People judge any business from the first impression and when they land on your homepage, they do it quicker. Survey suggests that approx. 46% people mentioned that the homepage design is an important factor – based on how comfortable they are, they choose to further navigate and trust the business. If the website is not optimized for mobiles, it can be disastrous for the business. Just a few clicks and the visitor quickly move to the competitor website. Thus, remember the design of the website plays an important role in deciding how the business performs.

What Makes a Good Homepage Design

The design and the placement of different elements on the homepage often takes weeks and sometimes months to complete. If the homepage is visually pleasing, it helps in retaining the visitor and helps the visitor to interact with the brand, business and site. Visuals usually grab the attention of the users which can be a strong image or a phrase or a wording which is memorable.

Some elements which visitors often look at on any homepage are:

Homepage Design Tips

Designers often consider the following when they think about an effective homepage design:

Remember to hire the right people to design your website and ensure they have all the needed information. Talk to our web design experts to understand how you can make your homepage appealing to visitors and convert visitors to sales.

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