Google Ads: Is It Worth Your Investment

It cannot be denied that Google Ads is the biggest PPC network we have around. It is used by mostly bigger enterprises with the sole objective of driving traffic to a website. It is used by many local businesses also, who do not have budget problems. Many people who have not used PPC before, are a bit skeptical and think twice if investing in Google Ads is worth it.

To get the correct answer, we say – Yes, it is!

If you are not convinced, let us explore some reasons. To understand this, we have to first understand the immense power of Google Ads.

It is the Way To Get Quick Results

You need Google Ads because the results are fast, almost instant. As the campaign is approved, the business starts getting traffic in just a few minutes. It is just about entering the keywords which are the target, fill in the maximum bid and it is all set to go. The business needs to simply sit back and relax. You will see that traffic is freely flowing to the website. It means that the business which has the Google Ads running will get the same day – i.e., the day on which the campaign starts. With everything happening so quickly, users start wondering, if they really need to invest or spend their money on something else.

You might have tried SEO techniques or other digital marketing methods, which are cheaper. How long did you wait to get the results – one month? Two months or three months? Add up all your costs and then you will get the total amount you spend. Google Ads do not take months to show results. This also means you do not have to commit to any kind of contract. You do not have to worry about your money getting tied up in marketing costs. To top it all, there is an option to keep adjusting your marketing costs anytime you wish. This can be done by increasing or decreasing marketing costs. Isn't that worth considering?

Google Ads Come with Unlimited Potential

If a scalable marketing technique is something you are looking for, then Google Ads can be the answer. There are thousands of keywords available for bidding. There is an option to bid on new keywords daily. The audience which is targeted is unlimited. With unlimited keywords available and with the scope of adding many more keywords, the campaign certainly comes with lots of potentials. It is the right investment which gives you value for money and helps in increasing traffic.

With an excellent profitable PPC campaign, there is always a scope to increase the daily spend of the campaign. With such a change, there is a scope to increase more clicks. As keywords have a ranking based on their bidding system, when any user pays a lot more per click, it helps in increasing the position of the rankings. In case the keyword gets a fourth position rank and you choose to increase the spend, then there is a possibility to quickly jump to the second position.

The higher the ranks, the more the traffic and clicks. Thus, when the bid is increased on the keywords, it helps in attracting many more visitors.

Stay Ahead of The Competition

No matter to which industry you belong, you will have your competitors ready to push you down or steal your traffic. Your competitors might be doing SEO or carrying out similar campaigns, but the competition will be quite tough. But with the help of Google Ads, there is a scope to outdo all the competition. We assume that your competitors have invested in a lot of digital marketing techniques and are spending a lot, but with Google Ads, it is possible to beat all your competitors. With bidding on keywords and enough keywords, it is possible to be above the organic search results. It is possible to outrank all the competitors, even those who are spending plenty in other SEO techniques.

In case you find they are already running a campaign, there is a scope to beat them and push them away. They will not just lose some traffic and some clicks, they will lose some important visitor as well which might have even converted as well.

How Analytics Can Help

Google Ads comes with a number of charts and analytics in the software. Such stats help the users to know how well the campaigns are doing and if changes are needed. Such pay per click statistics will cover a number of things. This includes cost per click techniques to position and also the conversion rate.

We can conclude that Google Ads are certainly worth the investment. You get to see instant results and an increase in traffic. You can even cancel the campaign anytime you wish.

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