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All the changes that are happening in 2020 are causing businesses to come to a standstill. Hence, the digital space is now more prominent.  Moving or starting an online business could serve as a solution during this period. Thus, a need to create an online presence with a remarkable e-commerce website design.

Additionally, optimize the key pages homepage, category, product, check-out, and about us. Also, the search results, login in, and email newsletters form should get optimized. Also, your website should be well-designed to represent your brand and business. Thus, leaving lasting impressions to attract new customers and keep them coming back. Find what works for you and better suited for your business.

To help you with some inspirations for your website, here are some examples to get you started:

Simply Chocolate

Simply chocolate has one of the most pleasant designs that makes you want to keep scrolling. The navigation menu, presentation of the products make it an engaging, compelling website. The background changes to display the new chocolate bar ingredients as you scroll. Additionally, it has a quick add to box button, making it easier to add chocolates in your bag for immediate buy.


Hebe is a clothing website that presents their products by outlining essential details. As a result, they use high-quality photos of their products. Hence, giving a clear display to potential customers.

Moreover, a thicker font gets used for easy readability and giving it a unique aesthetic. Also, products can get sorted in an alphabetical manner to ease your search. Customers have access to exclusive rewards from the store. 

Really Well Made

Really well made holds up its name’s reputation in the website design. It has an e-commerce website design with an excellent presentation and brand personality. Moreover, the website incorporates social media feeds into their site. The process can prove to be challenging since it can cause delays with the website loading speed. But, that’s not a problem with the site.

It has live social media feeds including, brand testimonials and comments. Thus, proving the brand’s products and services. It’s simple and convenient design makes it suitable for promoting brand loyalty.



Bliss is a brand that manufactures and sells a wide range of skincare products. Their e-commerce website design is fantastic, stylish with an in-spa product feel. Once viewed, it leaves you with blissful vibes. It consists of large photographs, beautiful colors, and handy buttons. Thus, making it eye-catching and well-structured.

Furthermore, it uses enough motion effects, creating dancing products without being too much. The bold topography ensures you don’t miss the new products. Also, it highlights the best sellers, and categories. It’s user-friendly with various options for viewing, sorting, and reviewing the products.


With their mission being to make your life more comfortable, Buffy’s site imagery lives up to it. They offer products such as cozy pillows, comforters, and sheets. Most of the focus is on the images of real customers keeping its copy minimal.

Notably, it includes five-star reviews from their customers to boost the brand’s trust. Also implemented is a “try Buffy for free” campaign with a static menu strip and a timed pop-up. Thus, enhancing more activities and conversions.

Dimension Volumes


Dimension volumes focus on crafting wood volumes in the climbing industry. The website stands out due to the use of bold typography as a design and messaging element. Their products appear in grey and change to black, white, yellow, or green once you pick. They are thus giving you a lively, playful effect. Also, it has an easy check-out process to ensure customers don’t abandon their shopping carts. Hence, leading to complete purchases.


We are hoping that you found the inspiration for your next website.  Finding an e-commerce website design that will suit your business might be challenging. But, when you get the perfect design, it becomes a smooth ride for you and your customers.

Moreover, optimizing a website design requires a considerable amount of care. Also, you need to balance between form and functionality. Thus, you can get a web designer to help you choose and optimize your chosen design.

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