10 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

When it is about designing the website for your business, you wouldn’t like to comprise on the quality – would you?

But, in spite of all your efforts, if the designing is in the wrong hands, unfortunately, it can become a nightmare for you and your business. Designers will often talk about trending designs and some unique methodology they use. They might even offer complicated proposals with several options for site designs. But, remember all that you require is a simple website which looks good, is user-friendly and helps to bring in new business.

You need to ask your web designer, a few questions before hiring. Getting the answers will help in ensuring that you select the right person. So, here are a few questions which you can ask your website designer, which will help in understanding, whether your selected designer can help in meeting your business goals.

Remember, it involves a lot more than the price you are paying. It is important that you have the right website built in the correct way, which doesn’t require multiple fixes and adjustments to generate more business.

01. What is your experience?

This doesn’t mean that you won’t hire a designer who is in the business for just a year or two. But it’s a fact that industry experience is important and valuable. If you do not wish to take any chances, you need to hire a designer or a firm, which has more than five-years’ experience.

02. What are the different types of websites you have designed?

If your designer has a lot of design experience, it is certainly going to add value to your business. A designer who has experience in working on a variety of websites which include microsites, will have no problem working on your site designing. You can also ask, if your chosen designer has worked on the specific type of website design you are looking for. If you get a confused reply or you find the designer is not confident, it will be risky.

03. Can I have a look at your portfolio?

Any reputed designer or a company will be glad to share its portfolio. Such a portfolio will be a collection of some of the past designs and different testimonials from happy and satisfied customers. In case you get a bit of resistance, you certainly need to search for another designer.

04. What type of results did your past customers experience?

A website design plays a part of its success. There are many other factors which are responsible for the success of a website which includes search engine optimization and content. But still it is a smart idea to speak to your designer about how their contribution helped in the success of the business. Your designer should be happy to share the information just as the portfolio.

05. Do you work with templates or custom designs?

You need to have this clear before you hire your designers. Custom design will be tailor-made for you, without any unnecessary codes and frills. Additionally, your website gets a unique look, which is not possible when templates are used.

06. How do you think your designs will help me achieve my goals?

This is a tricky question and your designer should be able to mention how their design can help your business. This is where, you will be able to judge the designer, especially the one who has one thing in mind ‘I want to make money’. If you find that you are promised something unachievable or vague, it is certainly a warning sign. Your designer should have your success in mind.

07. How Much Time Will You Take?

This is an important answer – if you have time constraints and need the design within a time-frame, you need to mention it to your designer. Your designer should mention clearly if they will be able to complete the task on time.

08. Will there be SEO Integration?

SEO is an integral part of any new website. Even if you have a dedicated team working for you, your website designer still plays an important role. Ask your designer, if there is any detailed SEO plan. You can also search for a designer which specializes in SEO. It will save a lot of your time.

09. How do I communicate with you?

Through this answer you will get to know how close the web designer will communicate with your team. There are many designers who prefer to use e-mails, others might mention Skype or other platforms. Most important, you need to ensure that your designer should be able for you whenever you need.

10. Do you offer any other services?

Once your website design is completed, you might need help in a few things time and again. Ask your designer if they are providing additional related services. You can also ask them if they provide web hosting, website maintenance or revisions in the future. You need to ask if services are available at an additional cost and how much is that?

These are some of the questions which you can ask your potential web designer.