File Collaboration and Synchronisation

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File Collaboration and Synchronization platform that is way much better and way more secure than the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. We enable you to host your own file synchronization platform that allow you to store all your files securely and gives you the ability for immediate access from any location across the world.

Access all your files across a range of devices from the computer, tablet and the smartphone.

The platform offers the capacity to share your files and collaborate them with other parties in your business.


Sync and Share

Synchronise your data across your devices and have access to them every where you go.

Own your data

You own and have full control of your data. It is all about privacy.

Have control

Flexible control over who have access to your files.

Encrypted Transfers

Synchronisation, uploads and downloads over secured HTTPS.

Web Interface

Access your files with any browser, desktop client or mobile device.

Storage Quota

Manage user's storage quota to control how much space they can use in the cloud.

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