The Need for Responsive Web Design

Most of us can recall the time when we had to zoom, pinch, and side scroll to see the contents of a website on a phone. It was frustrating and it made one lose interest in whatever they were reading or viewing. But as technology has progressed, we can easily use our phones to browse the internet and fully view the contents of a website without compromise.

That’s where a responsive web design comes in. A responsive web design is a feature that enables your website to change its layout to adapt to any screen size. It’s meant to make web pages appear optimized across different browsers regardless of screen size. This makes your website more mobile-friendly and user-friendly by forgoing the need to transform the website’s appearance to your viewing convenience.

Let’s now dive into why your website needs a responsive web design.

Supports the Era of Mobile Devices

Over the years, mobile phones have become a necessity for most people. What started out as a means of communication has transformed into a device that can do it all. In this generation of modern technology, gone are the days where we have to sit in front of a computer and wait for it to boot. The internet is now at your fingertips all thanks to the handy smartphone.

For this reason, most website traffic comes from mobile devices. And this traffic only continues to grow as smartphones and the internet become more and more accessible. Apart from surfing the web, online shopping is growing at an immense rate globally. But if your viewers have a bad experience on your site due to its lack of responsive design, you can be sure that they won’t stick around for long. Overall, a responsive site will keep your users happy and engaged for longer to give you higher conversion rates.

Ease of Management

Before the introduction of responsive web design, most organizations had two separate websites: the main site for desktops and a mobile version of it. This meant that developers had to manage multiple versions of the same site which can be costly and time-consuming. In contrast, having a responsive web design means that your site will adapt to any device with all your content in a relevant layout. With a single site, you only have to manage and update content once, resulting in lower web content management costs, which in turn leads to a higher ROI.

Better User Experience

A better user experience means more traffic to your site, which can result in more visitors clicking on your call-to-action button. Most people will lose interest in your site if it’s not optimized to fit their mobile screens. And no one wants to keep performing the same tedious actions just to view your content. After all, your website’s aim is to provide a better user experience than your competitors. A responsive design ensures that you are getting your viewers’ attention, allowing them to view what you have to offer, and boosting your website’s conversions, thereby reducing bounce rate, and improving brand perception.

Improves Search Engine Optimization

Another reason why you should look into responsive web design is to boost your SEO and increase the ranking of your site in search engines. It’s Google’s recommended approach for mobile web design. Because responsive sites use only a single URL regardless of the device, it makes it easier for search engines to find your content and assign your content-relevant indexing properties to the search engine’s algorithms. A responsive web design has so much to offer and the reduction of duplicate content is just one of the many benefits of a responsive web design for SEO, as that topic is a whole other article in itself.

Over to You

To sum it all up, we can assure you that having a responsive web design is in your best interest. Aside from improving your website’s SEO, user engagement rate, and conversion rate, you will save money in the long run just managing one site. Whether you are a web developer or utilize a web developer’s services, convert your site to a responsive site. You have nothing to lose and only so much to gain with all the opportunities that will open up for you.

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