How much does it cost to do a website in Singapore?

The cost of website design and website development in Singapore can range from $1,000 to $5,000 for a 10 pages site for a start. You may ask, why such big difference in the pricing?

There is different ways of doing up a website. You may get a student to do it for $1,000 or get a professional to do it at almost four times the pricing. You can even get a website done at less than $50 if you do it yourself.

Web Design Agencies and Professionals ~S$5,000

If you are running a small business, mid-sized company, you should get a web design agency or professional to design and develop your website. Your website is like your business storefront. It is the first image that you give to your potential customers, your website have to be professional and well developed by the real professionals.

These are the people that ensure that your website is optimised for the search engine, well thought site navigation and properly structured html.


  • Customised
  • Huge portfolios
  • Experienced developers
  • In-house designers, developers and project managers
  • Full after sales support
  • Professional
  • One stop service (hosting, domain registration, maintenance and support)


  • May be expensive (but it's worth it)
  • Limited changes (Check with your agency. Some may allow unlimited changes)

Starting up freelancer and students ~S$1,000

Let me get this straight: not all freelancers will do your website cheap. In this section, I am referring to freelancers or students that just got their first few website and graphic design gigs to build up their portfolios.

These are the people that "may be willing" to do your website at a lower fee (not free), as their like to build their portfolio. They may not be as experienced as the professionals, but still gets the job done.


  • Cheap
  • Customised design


  • May take longer time to complete the job
  • Limited support

DIY Websites: ~S$50 / month

So, if you are on a real tight budget, you can still do your own website at less than $50 a month. There is so much free tools out in the wild waiting for you to try and compare which works best for you. The downside of this, if you have minimal knowledge of coding and graphic design, you'll be spending hours or even days to publish your website.

The cost is mostly spent on webhosting and domain registration.


  • Cheap
  • Ready made templates


  • You'll be spending hours or even days to try the different tools
  • Website design is the same as other competitors, due to ready made templates
  • Limited features and customisations


A website may cost you nothing or it can cost you up to few tens of thousands. Talk to us and get a non-obligatory quote. Our friendly team will understand your requirements and quote to fit your budget.

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