How Does Updating Your Website Regularly Help in SEO

Many businesses often do not realize that their website is a living and breathing entity. Regular updates on the website plays a vital role in not just better interaction with customers and visitors, but also for SEO. No matter how much time and effort you devote to SEO, if your site remains static (without regular updates), it is viewed as a ‘dead’ entity – since it has nothing new to offer, it doesn’t attract traffic.

Remember, designing and developing a website doesn’t help. The webpages need update from time to time for improved SEO results. There are a number of benefits of updating a website regularly. According to marketing expert Neil Patel “To increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and boost your search engine traffic, you can just update your old content and give yourself an improved freshness score.” “When you tell Google your content is new, you’ll get a spike in traffic that will make the tiny amount of work required well worth it.”

It’s necessary to ensure that your website is regularly updated so that you get improved results. Now, here is a detailed analysis, which helps to understand why it is necessary to update the website pages regular for improved SEO results.

Fresh Content Means Frequent Indexing

This doesn’t mean that fresh content will provide higher indexing. But the more frequently a website is updated with downloads, new pages or articles, the more frequently search engines shall stop and visit websites.  As search engines start checking your rankings, you are going to have more opportunities to achieve high rankings. However, the content should be informative, high-quality and with the use of right keywords. Fluff content or plagiarised content is harmful for a website.

Google is Fond of Websites that are Updated Frequently

Google is one of the most used search engines. It has great influence on how the websites are constructed. The search engine has shown a deep inclination towards sites which are frequently updated. It is a sign that fresh content is helpful for a website. However, this does not mean that the website shall have unnecessary changes, there will be unwanted postings and additions or too many updates.

Sites which are updated at least twice or thrice a week are considered to be frequently updated. ‘Googlebot’ is known to continuously search for pages which are continuously updated or new. These sites are indexed – thus, when you choose to update your website with valuable and regular information, there is better chance to improve Google rankings.

In case there is not much to update on a regular basis, it is advised to simply add an image or just an article regularly to get noticed. In fact, even a comment can help in updating the website. However, it needs to be valuable or useful and not just random information.

Fix the Mistakes

Websites which have plenty of old content can keep updating the information with latest facts or changes. In case some grammar error is found or spelling mistakes are noticed, fixing them as soon as possible is helpful. This will not just help in updating the content but it is also going to improve the user experience. User experience has a vital role in influencing the ranking of a website (indirectly and directly)

Increases the Value of Websites

Updating a website regularly helps in increasing the value of websites. Broken links in a website can be quite frustrating and they can cause bad ranking. Adding some helpful resource to a website through links can be helpful, but after some days that article may not be available. Often the URL changes or the website is shut down. Keeping such a broken link is doing no good to your website. Check for broken links and add new resources if needed.

Adding Multimedia Content

In the present times, multimedia content presence in a website has helped in improving the brand presence and website ranking. This is one of the many reasons why shared graphics are trending. Viral content is usually in the form of images or videos. Companies are doing their best to make the most of this trend and improve their search engine results. Online content has now become quite diverse and is expected to change continuously in the long-run. There is special privilege on new graphics such as images, infographics and videos.

Improved Optimisation

When any website is updated on a regular basis, it helps in optimising the content for the right keywords. New keywords are necessary to add since search trends keep changing. It is important to keep the website updated with the right keywords. If keyword research is not done properly, it is not going to help in the SEO efforts in the long-run.

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