Grow Your Business with a Good Web Design

The web design of your online business has a direct impact on the sales and also the conversions which you can achieve. A good and user-friendly web design means more traffic, brand awareness and encouraging sales, which are all essential for the growth and prosperity of your business.

Importance of Conversions

Getting website traffic is not enough. You need conversions for your business. Such conversions happen only when you are able to turn your website visitor to a lead which ultimately results in sales. The success of a website is dependent on the conversions. If you are wondering why your business is not growing in spite of increasing ranking, you need to give a thought to the web design.

So, how does a good web design help your business to grow?

First impression does matter and the first impression of your website does matter a lot for the visitors. Your website works like a storefront for your business. Just as we worry about impressing others, your website should be able to impress your visitors. A well-designed website is said to be a reflection of a business or the reliability of the website. Thus, the importance of a good web design can never be ignored because it brings in more and repeat customers, who might eventually bring business.

The main role of a website is to display information or products and services of the brand. It is loaded with information related to services and information about various products. If everything is easy to find, simple and easy to understand, customers will buy or subscribe, depending on what the website has on offer.

A good web design helps a business to grow in many ways. Here are some ways a good web design can help your business.

Helps in Generating More Revenue

With a professionally designed website, you will be able to attract a lot of traffic to your website. Visitors, by nature get attracted to interesting images, videos and information of their interest. A good web design which has a lot to offer helps in attracting visitor. A professional web design helps in maximising the potential of your website and helps in increasing the effectiveness of the website.

Though there are many ways of improving the functionality or usefulness of your website, here are some ways which designers can enhance the effectiveness of the design of the website.

Using Optimal Images and Colours

You need to select all images carefully. Images are known to increase engagement. Research reveals that high-quality images bring in 650 times more engagement. Web designers understand the importance of incorporating the right images. However, selection of the images is vital as well because wrong images can slow down the loading time of your website. You shouldn’t select images which load slow or too complex. Also, the selected images need to fit well and be relevant to the content.

Easy Navigation

It is never a good idea to load your website with unnecessary images and videos. These can act as distraction for the visitors and might even lose their interest. Complex navigation is also not good and will confuse visitors.

Responsive Web Designing for Business Growth

It is the age of mobiles and other hand-held devices. Websites need to display according to the screen size of the user’s device. This is the essence of responsive web designing. A responsive web design is user-friendly, it reduces the bounce rate and helps in increasing sales or profitability of the business.

  • Faster Loading Time – Mobile users have little span of attention, which is said to be just a few seconds. Studies have revealed that mobile users tend to leave webpages which take long time to load or to finish loading. In case a website is not optimised, it takes a lot of extra time for navigation. When there is improved loading speed, your visitors will find it convenient to navigate. Your business will grow.
  • Reduced Bounced Rates – When the website is responsive and it is optimised, visitors will have a smooth experience. Thus, it is likely that they will stay for a long time as they explore different sections of the website. In case the website is not responsive, it will be tough to have the visitors engaged. As a result, your visitors will bounce away.
  • High Conversion Rates – As the bounce rate is lowered, it helps in creation of consistent user experience. This helps in converting customers. If the website is professional and looks the same on different platforms, your users will stick around and bring in sales.
  • Improves SEO – Responsive web designing is helpful in search engine optimisation. Quality content with strong back links helps with better bounce rates. It helps in high search engine rankings which helps in SEO.

To ensure maximum benefits of a good web design, you need to hire a company or a web designer who is experienced and skilled in designing similar website. Talk to our web design experts to learn how you can improve your website.

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